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Best Solar Atomic Watches 2022

Nowadays, watches aren’t as simple as we may perceive them to be. They have revolutionized their features and looks, keeping that traditional look but updating the characteristics. Solar watches, as the name suggests, are watches that are charged and run on solar power, providing the user with efficiency and a way out of the constant need to change or charge batteries. Solar-powered watches use solar energy to recharge the watch, giving it the quality of durability. These watches use renewable energy and are much more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Reviews of the Best Solar Watches

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Top 10 Best Solar Atomic Watches Reviews

There are various brands to looks for when searching for a good solar watch. Casio is one of the leading companies operating in this market for a long time. The G-Shock series, which consists of its solar-powered watches, dates back to over 34 years, making it a dominant name in the market of solar-powered watches.

Below is a list of watches by Casio, which we feel make the cut as the top ten watches to keep an eye out for:

1.   Casio Men’s GW7900B-1 G-Shock Black Solar Sport Watch

With its unique and uncompromising solar power, the user of this watch can relax knowing that energy is being saved for times when the watch may be low on battery. No need for batteries because solar power is free, clean, and readily available. It has redefined toughness with its innovative four-point protection quality.

Customers have positive reviews about this watch, claiming it is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. It has the ability to always perform as if it is brand new, meaning that it is highly durable. Customers have also commended it for its quality, and it looks good on everyone.

Its prominent features include the following:

  • Atomic time observance.
  • Display of world time of over forty-eight cities.
  • It features a black light.
  • It provides tide and moon data.
  • It features a stopwatch.
  • It offers a daily alarm, with both 12- and 24-hour display formats.
  • Its casing is built with a fifty-millimeter resin casing with mineral control panel window.
  • It has a built-in calendar.
  • Resin band with buckle closure.
  • It is water resistant up to six hundred and sixty feet which is around two hundred meters, making it a great accessory for swimmers and athletes in general.

2.   Casio Men’s EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Tough Solar Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch

This model of Casio’s men solar watch is unique in terms of its qualities as it features a sturdy solar stainless steel exterior, which has multiple functions along with a link bracelet. Customers have praised this solar watch for its comfort, aesthetics, great value in terms of its cost, and its bold and solid texture. Although it may come across as a bit hard to understand during the initial days of owning this top-of-the-line product, with time, you will get used to it and experience the class and elegance it brings to your look.

Some of its key features include the following:

  • It can keep the watch charged for up to five months without any exposure to any form of light.
  • It is water resistant for up to 100 m of water depth.
  • It also features the world time with up to twenty-nine different time zones, an alarm, daylight savings and city code display.
  • It also displays the day and date, along with a full calendar pre-programmed within the device.
  • It can display time in either 12- or 24-hour format.
  • It can store energy when exposed to sunlight and can give off a low-battery warning.

3.   Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR “G-Shock” Solar Watch

Its unique selling proposition is that it is shockproof, meaning it has enhanced ability to function and is sturdy. This has been proven and tested by customers, who have commended its ability to function even after being dropped and scratched. Other customers have also complimented its aesthetically satisfying outlook, ease of use, and hassle-free life due to no changes in the battery.

It is an improved version of its previous models and can set up to five alarms. It also features a distinctive hand modification capability, allowing the user to view the screen with just a simple shift or wave on the screen. You can also save on batteries since this is a solar-powered watch and has its own energy and power storage drawn from any form of light. This watch truly adds style to your look. Never be late to work and look good while performing any task. Other key features which add to the watch’s value include the following:

  • It comes with a stellar rechargeable battery.
  • It is equipped with an LED light.
  • It features a multi-band minute regularity.
  • It is built with black stainless steel and resin fused band.
  • It is water resistant up to two hundred meters.

4.   Casio Men’s EQS500DB-1A1 Edifice Solar Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch

This model offers a self-charging quality which allows you to relax and not stress about changing the battery. It has various power functions and displays various information that helps you better manage your day. Its main audience is athletes, specifically swimmers due to its water resistance, making it not just a great accessory but also a great companion if you have an active lifestyle, which will keep a check and balance on the time.

Customers have appreciated the watch for its superb performance, lightweight, ease in everyday use, added elegance to the overall look, and a great value for the money spent on it, making it reliable and efficient. Overall, it is a great product which is sure to satisfy your needs and be worth its cost.

Its defining features include:

  • Robust solar power that can power it with up to five months without the need to charge it.
  • 100-meter water resistance.
  • World time with around twenty-nine different times zones and city code display.
  • Chronographic time display, along with the day and date being shown.
  • Storable as well as rechargeable battery with a low-battery alert.
  • Beeping alarm.

5.   G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR Solar Atomic Stainless Steel Sport Watch

Its uniqueness is in its solar atomic stainless steel characteristic which redefines this solar watch. It has been commended for its great feature of automatic time and its tough build as a few customers have reported no damage whatsoever upon dropping and scratching the watch that could potentially leave a mark or stop any other watch from functioning completely. Customers have also liked how sharp it looks and how its simplicity and ease of use allow the user to rest easy. This watch is an innovative and a high-quality product which has multiple useful features, which add to its value and make it worth its price.

Some of its useful features which have the customers buzzing include the following:

  • A multi-band atomic regularity.
  • Its ability to resist shock and allow it to function properly regardless.
  • Its ability to save energy for use in case the battery is low or dies.
  • Its 200-meter water resistance.
  • It offers a backlight.
  • It displays world time.
  • It has various alarm settings.
  • It features various power saving, alert and display settings.
  • It can run up to nine months without the need for a recharge.

6.   G-Shock GW6900-1 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

This solar-powered watch is built with a sturdy resin to allow minimum incurrence of damage. It is targeted toward the more athletic bands of society, who are seeking a watch which can withstand water, function well if dropped or scratched, and is solar powered to remove the constant need for batteries.

Customers have recommended this watch by writing glowing reviews, claiming it to be a watch of great value for its price. It has also been complimented for its comfort and ease of use. Its qualitative features allow it to be a great and useful accessory for athletes. Taken as a whole, this solar watch is a top-class product which does not just look good but also provides the user with satisfaction, knowing their investment paid off because of this watch’s key features which define and innovate the existing features available in other models of solar watches.

These features include:

  • Shock defiance along with an LED backlight.
  • Ability to view the day, date, and time including world time.
  • Multi-band six atomic timekeeping.
  • Various alarm and battery settings which can be managed.
  • 200-meter water resistance.

7.   Casio Men’s AQS800WD-1EV Multi-Function Analog-Digital Watch

What sets this watch apart from its competitors is that it acts as a multi-function analog-digital watch. All in all, this watch seems to get the customers buzzing as most reviews speak highly of it and commend it for its advertising not playing with the customers since it performs just as it has been advertised and does not fail to deliver on its promises.

Customers have great things to say about this watch, calling its features helpful, easily managed, and understandable as well as its overall look being simple and pleasing. Although some have pointed out that initially, the watch may be a little hard to understand, over time, the user will get used to its features and will be able to manage it better.

Some of its features include:

  • 1/100 second timer.
  • A countdown clock.
  • Pre-programmed five alarms.
  • A preprogrammed calendar till the year 2099.
  • Display of world time with up to thirty-one time zones and forty-eight cities.
  • Water resistant up to three hundred and thirty feet, making it suitable for swimmers, granted that they keep the water resistance depth in mind.

8.   G-Shock GW2310-1 Men’s Tough Solar Atomic Black Resin Sport Watch

It is a well-built solar minute resin sports watch. It can be used by athletes, especially divers. It is a top-of-the-line product that is fit for people with an active lifestyle. It does not fail to provide amazing features, such as its tough exterior, shock resistance and water resistance, allowing it to function well for its target market.

Customers have reviewed the product as a high-quality watch which exceeds expectations. According to some, it performs exactly as it is marketed, with the atomic feature being the most prominent. Its band may wear out according to a few customers, but it can be easily replaced.

Its prominent features include:

  • Its atomic reliability.
  • It sturdy solar power.
  • Its ability to resist any form of shock.
  • Its ability to function two hundred meters under water.
  • Its LED backlight.
  • Its display of world time with around thirty-one time zones including city codes and daylight savings.
  • It also sets alarms and has a preprogrammed calendar.
  • Its countdown clock.
  • it can display both 12- and 24-hour formats.
  • It can store as well as save battery.
  • It can last around ten months without being charged or exposed to any form of light.

9.   G-Shock GWM530A-1 Men’s Solar Atomic Black Resin Sport Watch

It is an updated model in the sports solar watch series, with redefined quality and improved features which make it better than ever.

People who have purchased this watch have complimented it for its simplicity and ease of use. It is durable as its performance does not deteriorate over time and is easily rechargeable. Once you have purchased this watch, you can test it out to see if it fits your liking. If not, Casio offers a warranty for all of its watches that you can take advantage of. Regardless, this watch is definitely worth its value and built to provide maximum satisfaction to the user. This accessory is sure to get people buzzing about your professional outlook and timely performance as you can manage alarms and never be late.

Its defining and qualitative features include:

  • Its multi-band atomic regularity.
  • Its long-lasting solar power with nine months runtime without any need to be recharged during this particular time period.
  • Its shock resistance.
  • Its water resistance up to two hundred meters.
  • Its LED lights.
  • Its world time display with over thirty-one times zones.
  • Its battery power display along with battery saving selections.

10.   Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Black Resin Sport Watch

It is unique because of its advanced digitally-equipped solar build. It is specially designed to be used while performing physical activities like sports, making it a great companion for athletes.

Customers have an immense regard for this watch, commending it for its ability to perform like it is still brand new over the course of a long time. It has also been appreciated for its great quality and strong exterior as some customers have dropped and scratched the watch, leaving behind minimum marks, but it didn’t have an effect on its performance. Customers also love this product as it is chargeable without requiring any supplementary battery.

Its features are its defining quality which set it apart from its competitors. Its main features include:

  • Shock resistance, meaning if you accidently drop the watch or it hits hard against any surface, it will still work just like it is supposed to.
  • Tough solar power-driven build.
  • LED light along with a countdown clock.
  • 12- and 24-hour formats as per your liking, whichever you are more comfortable with.
  • Water resistance up to two hundred meters, meaning even if you drop it in water or sweat touches it, the watch will not stop functioning.

The Ultimate Solar Watches Buying Guide

How Do Solar Watches Work?

In order to work, these watches have within them a photovoltaic cell, which uses the solar panel either underneath or on top of the dial to convert solar energy into electrical energy, giving the watch the power to operate efficiently. When exposed to sunlight, the solar panel draws energy and stores it, which is then used to power the cell that powers the entire watch in the absence of sunlight or any form of artificial light. This means the user will never be without a fully powered and operational watch.

It may seem simple in words, but it is a highly complex system which is designed to perform well and save and provide energy for your watch to function. This feature allows you to relieve yourself from the constant need of batteries and the fear of batteries suddenly dying.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Watches

We understand that this can be a costly expense, but do consider the fact that you will possess a top-of-the-line, stylish product. It is essential that you know what you’re looking for and know your set price range. There are various scheming and conniving individuals who may be able to trick you if you don’t know what to look for.

When buying a solar watch, there are a couple of things to consider. Here are a few things that are absolutely essential to keep in mind before purchasing a solar watch:

Technology Is Always Changing

Technology is subjected to become obsolete if not updated. Improvements are always taking place in the tech world. If you have ever experienced what it is like to own a solar watch and were not satisfied, then rest easy knowing that innovations in the watch’s features and durability are always being made, which allow the watch to perform better. Also, solar energy has recently become more popular to be incorporated into accessories like a watch, so it is natural for older models to be less efficient and durable than the newer ones. Innovation in research and design is always taking place, making new models superior, so it is always a good idea to go for the latest tech.

Buy a Watch Which Is Better Suited for Your Budget

You must know what you are looking for in terms of design, features, and how much you are willing to spend. Know that while these watches consist of innovative and cutting-edge technology to provide you with a far superior experience, they are still just accessories. Determine the budget you want to allot toward this expense such that it shouldn’t leave your broke, but it should also be set realistically. Hence, if you are willing to buy a solar-powered watch, you must set your budget according to the market price trends.

Know About the Functions of the Watch

Buy a watch that is better suited to your tastes and preferences. This means you need to have knowledge about the functions and features of the watch. These features can include various sizes and color bands, stopwatch, chronographic watch, water resistance, luminosity in the dark, and visibility of the date. Each feature makes the watch unique from the rest, and a good watch priced appropriately must contain at least one of these features. Knowing the functionality of a watch you are going to buy is important as it will assist you in its usage as well as give you a better insight into how it works and what makes it unique and allow you to assess whether it is priced aptly.

Know Which Brand to Trust

There are a couple of brands which have now mastered solar-powered watches so much so that they have a sizable product line consisting of solar watches. A few of these brands are Casio, Seiko, and Citizen. These brand names are quite popular as well as trustworthy in the market. It is vital to know which brand is reliable as you need a watch which not only gets the job done but also gives you the complete package of style along with the experience of wearing a solar watch. You do not want to be stuck with any regrets, which is why it is crucial that you go for a name brand which dominates the market in this field. Trust the years of experience these famous companies have had. They know the market, and they have constant checks and balances on consumer demands and the latest technology.

Final Verdict

It is essential that you know solar watches are highly reliable and quality products. By purchasing one of these watches, you will rid of the need for any other watch, as these are an all-in-one package fit to make your life easier and manageable. They are definitely worth the cost incurred as they will satisfy your demands, depending on which model you purchase.

Test it out yourself and experience the magnificence this product has to offer you. The solar-powered watch is highly efficient at its job, a great accessory and a perfect fit for you. The choice is all yours.

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We hope that it was informative and helped you to buy your next solar watch online. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for us to improve this website or if you would like us to review any particular solar watch.