Are Solar Powered Watches Any Good?

Are Solar Powered Watches Any Good

Recently, the trend of solar watches has been increasing a lot. People are moving more toward solar-powered watches and away from quartz watches. They not only extract less energy but also make use of a renewable resource. Considering that we are moving toward an anthropocentric era, we need to make more use of renewable resources. This is the job of solar watches. These are environmental-friendly watches that use the sun’s energy to function.

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They are available in a number of different varieties. You have the option of choosing from solar watches that are more luxury oriented, those that appeal to people who are enthusiastic about outdoors, and those that amuse people who are technologically savvy. Another advantage of solar watches apart from using the sun as its energy source is the fact that they require very low maintenance. You do not need to care for them as much as you need to for self-winding watches.

Solar Watches

Solar watches capture the sun’s energy or even man-made energy to operate. They require very low maintenance as they do not need a battery to function. They don’t even require winding on a daily basis.

These watches have been produced for a long time now. Even though the trend has been increasing lately, they are a very old invention. They have been produced for both men and women since the 1970s. This technology has become so advanced now that a number of watchmakers sell solar watches only.

Features of Solar Watches

Solar watches are actually a great option to go forth with if you are planning on purchasing a watch. They are contemporary watches and offer multiple options. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very durable. This is because of the strong materials they are made up of. Some have stainless steel and titanium in them, while some feature sapphire or crystals.

They also have a special feature to optimise the sunlight that they receive. These watches do this by having a tint on the dial, which makes sure the watch monitors the amount of sunlight it receives. They also have multiple other features that are not necessary but are added to the primary features you get with a solar watch.

These include features such as a stopwatch, various time zone information, and their ability to resist water. Some solar watches also come with a barometer, an altimeter, and a compass. Apart from these, they obviously make style and beauty as their primary objectives.


There are a number of solar watches to choose from if you are deciding which watch to buy. There is a great variety among both men and women watches to choose from. People think solar watches are good only for people who are enthusiastic about the outdoors, but it is also a good option for those who want something luxurious for their wrists.

A lot of solar watches that are coming out these days have gold, leather, or some other luxurious material such as diamonds incorporated in them. This greatly increases not only their aesthetic appeal but also their value. There are also some solar watches that are suitable for outdoor use and feature materials slightly different than the ones mentioned above to make them more durable.


All in all, solar watches are an incredibly great option to go with if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option that provides both aesthetic and a strong, durable build.

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