How to Charge a Solar Watch Fast?

How to Charge a Solar Watch Fast

Nowadays, instead of buying watches that need to have their cells changed now and then, people are more into buying watches with a solar panel so that whenever they feel that the battery is not working properly, they just put it in the sunlight and charge it. Not only this, but the battery can also be charged by putting it in artificial light. However, this takes a lot longer than charging it in the sunlight.

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Typical recharging

  1. Look at the charging level marker on the watch dial. Most solar watches have a pointer bar that gives the level of charging. The watch should be charged when the pointer bar shows zero. Likewise, a low battery is demonstrated when the second’s hand moves in two-second additions rather than one moment, the time cannot be set, and the mode buttons do not work.
  2. Place the watch near a light source, ideally daylight. The perfect place is on a window ledge. If you are outside, keep your shirt sleeve over the wrist to open the watch to daylight on the off chance. Expose your watch to sunlight while driving by keeping your arm on the door edge and pushing up the sleeve.
  3. It takes about 20 hours or more of exposure when the sun is out there and 60 hours in the cold climate to charge the battery completely.
  4. If it is not possible to keep the watch in sunlight for whatever reason, keep the watch near an artificial light, 20 inches away from it. However, bear in mind that the watch takes a lot longer to charge through artificial light than sunlight. This might take up to 150 hours of artificial light to charge a watch fully as compared to the five hours of sunlight.

Temporary charging

  1. Put the watch in sunlight for three minutes to give it charge worth 24 hours. You can also expose the watch to 3.5 hours of artificial light to give it the same amount of charge.
  2. Make sure the solar watch is exposed to sunlight or artificial light at least once every day to maintain the temporary charging. Eventually, the watch would be full-charged if you keep charging it.
  3. Make sure the solar watch achieves at least 85 percent charge before halting exposure to artificial or daylight.

Resetting time

You need to reset the time if the watch has achieved the no-charge level.

Analog watch

  1. Force the crown on simple models completely out.
  2. Leave it for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Close it properly against the case edge.
  4. Set the time.

Digital watch

  1. Force the crown out on digital models.
  2. Press the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock buttons simultaneously. The lights on the display screen will turn on.
  3. Press the 2 o’clock button on your digital watch to change the hours, minutes, and seconds.


Recharging a sunlight-based watch battery is as simple as setting the watch. Dissimilar to quartz-controlled watches that require a battery change every five years, the battery in the sunlight-oriented watch hypothetically never needs replacement. Daylight or artificial light is expected to energize the battery. However, solar watch purchasers should remember, in any case, that no battery can keep charge forever. Casio and Citizen watchmakers have delivered sunlight-oriented watches equipped for a 16-year life without a battery change.

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