How to Charge a Solar Watch without the Sun – A Step-by-Step Guide

Solar Watch

As we charge forward into the future, our technology is starting to change quite a bit. This is because we are starting to realize the harmful impact of the way we use energy and are looking for alternative sources that would allow us to create a sustainable system whereby we could derive energy from a singular source that would not be harmful to the environment. One new aspect of our technology involves the use of solar power. While solar powered tools have been in vogue for several decades now, only recently have they started being popularized and modernized. As a result, we have tools like the solar powered watch which uses the energy of the sun rather than a battery.

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However, there is a problem posed by a solar powered watch. For example, if you live in a place like Scotland where they don’t get a great deal of sunshine, how would you manage to charge your watch? The answer to this is actually quite simple. All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions provided below and you will find an alternative energy source for your watch in no time.

Step One

The first step to this process involves placing your watch on a table at night while you are asleep. This would allow you to charge it all night long and use it all day when you are out and about.

Step Two

Make sure that the right side of the watch is facing up. If your watch is upside down, chances are that it would not be able to charge even if you use this alternative technique. As long as the charging cells are facing the right way you will have nothing to worry about.

Step Three

Leave all of the lights on. This may sound odd to you since you are going to be leaving this watch out at night when the lights are traditionally off, but this step is essential to ensuring that the charging process goes smoothly.

Step Four

The ambient of the lighting in your room is going to be converted into energy by your watch. Surprisingly enough, solar powered watched can use practically any kind of light source in order to create a power supply for itself, which is useful in a lot of overcast areas.

Step Five

Keep in mind that the ambient lighting of your room is not going to be nearly as effective as actual solar power so your watch is going to need a lot more time to charge up. This is why it is important to leave it out all night to make sure it has enough juice to keep going.

Step Six

Since sleeping with all the lights on is not going to be very pleasant, it is recommended that you put your watch in another room. This would help you get the job done without spoiling your precious sleeping hours.


Now that you know how to charge your watch with ease with the ambient lighting of your room, you should have no trouble using it to its full potential. A common problem people face with these watches has to do with the fact that they usually wear cuffed sleeves that would cover the watch up for most of the day, thus making it difficult for the watch to get fully charged, which means that even those in sunny locales might not be able to use this watch. This problem is completely resolved with this step by step technique as well!

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